Squid Girl Episode #09 Anime Review

Take Squid Girl out of her beach setting and it can feel a little odd. While we've seen her inside the owners house and what not, most of the time we've seen her roaming the beaches or in the water itself. The first story here has her doing a bit of doorbell ditching in a sense but it ends up causing her to make friends with Sakura. The two spend time together chatting in the park and Squid Girl is pretty much surprised that she's able to make a friend. It's simply odd to see her in that setting in general, since she looks out of place, but also seeing her make friends is amusing since she's trying to eventually conquer them all. Her approach is still ill-fitting since she tends to forget. When she brings her back to the house and has to meet Chizuru, it's even more fun since Squid Girl keeps viewing her as evil/powerful and fears her going into a rage. Which is of course the complete opposite of what Chizuru is feeling.

Unlike previous episodes, that first story takes up just under half of the runtime. It's endearing since she keeps expecting things to go badly since she invited someone over without permission, not understanding the reality of the situation. The other two stories go for different events, which is good, since it changes things up. The second story has Squid Girl discovering make-up and starting with lipstick. She is admittedly rather adorable with it at first since she pretty much paints her face, but the visions she has of being more mature while wearing it is even more adorable. Her quest to find what's right leads her to strange places, including asking men, but it's all another step in making her more accustomed to human behaviors.

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