One Piece Episode #478 Anime Review

Much like Impel Down, you know Luffy is just getting plain pissed off at all the things that are in his way as he tries to rescue Ace. Every time he gets a little bit closer, some other obstacle is thrown out in front of him that keeps him from getting there. After getting kicked down pretty hard recently, he's begged Ivankov to hit him up with his abilities so he can roll through the numerous Navy men that are in his way. And it's pretty damn necessary since the executioners are now standing on the platform next to Ace ready to whack his head off. The downside is that Luffy can handle only so much so Ivankov has to really get in there and help him out to make sure he's safe.

One are the episode does deal with very well is with Coby who has his fateful encounter with Luffy. The two go back pretty much to the beginning of the series with their dreams and have met once or two after that as Luffy went to become the king of pirates while Coby wanted to become an Admiral. Neither have achieved goals of course, but they went from friends that encouraged each other to having to really stay true to that by having a fight this time around. While it may be brief in the end, it brings in some very good flashbacks to the past and shows that both of them have followed their paths well. Coby in particular really stands out well by standing for what he believes in and going against Luffy since if he didn't, he wouldn't be true to what he said he'd do to Luffy in the past even though it was Luffy's encouragement that sent him on to being in the Navy.

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