Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #35 Anime Review

Leaving Niche with the Maka and her sister while she recovers from her injuries, Lag heads back to the Bee Hive, and on the way meets Zazie. The pair join up and head for the town of Lament where Connor is, but when they arrive there they find Connor in bad shape - the unfortunate side-effect of too many cookies. More seriously, though, Lag also spots Roda, Noir's dingo, picking up a delivery of letters at the local abbey, so he goes undercover to infiltrate the abbey and find out if it is a Reverse base...

There's a lot to like about this episode, which is heavy on plot exposition (the origins of the gaichuu, the Maka's role in maintaining Amberground, and at least some of what Reverse are planning) while also fitting in some of the more down-to-earth aspects of the show, with the interactions between the Bees - and Lag's eventual appearance in drag as he tries to infiltrate Lament's abbey. They only allow women in there, y'know...

While Lag complaining about the breeze up his skirt & Connor pigging out on holy cookies undoubtedly have their appeal, though, that side of the episode is the supporting act. The main meat comes in two particular scenes, at each end of the episode, that tie together Amberground's nature and Reverse's plans in one neat package. In the first, Niche's sister explains the life cycle of Spirit Insects, like the one that's embedded in his eye, to Lag: creatures of power while they still have heart, when their heart runs out they become the Gaichuu that terrorise Amberground's people. The Maka has kept the worst of them locked away in its cave, where they can cause no harm. Until Noir came along and released at least one of them, that is. The second scene explains at least part of why he did that, as Lag runs into Roda while scouting the Abbey, and she's kind enough to explain (no doubt as instructed in the Evil Genius' Handbook) what her part in Reverse's plans entail - and it's not pretty, with the entire population of a town being placed in harm's way for what Reverse perceives to be the greater good.

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