Samurai Girls Episode #10 Anime Review

The return of Yoshihiko a week earlier than planned ni the previous episode certainly threw things for a loop, especially since it was presented as him being far more aware of what's going on than originally suspected. And that he may actually not be the big bad guy of it all as well, though he's not exactly a trustworthy character that you can easily believe. His return has thrown the girls into a bit of a tizzy, especially since there's a chance they could face some serious repercussions from their actions, including sneaking into the summer residence to steal files and information, but the fact they're not dead yet indicates he has a better plan for them.

An interesting part of the episode focuses on an internal angle as we spend a good bit of time inside of Muneakira's mind. He's being manipulated by Gisen at this point to create the pact and she's causing all sorts of problems for him by throwing the various girls at him that he hasn't entered into a pact with so far. It's a very smutty piece at first since they're all naked, though with appropriate ink splotches, and they're coming onto him in a very big way. Having Sen and the others make an attempt to rescue him in the mindspace sphere is fun, though they're fully clothed for it, but in the end it just makes them realize they can't save his mind until they can save his body. So they have to break out a few others before they can make the big attack to rescue Muneakira.

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