Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #09 Anime Review

Downtime with the girls involves hanging out in their room and finding things to do besides tea and crumpets, or whatever pastries they're having for a snack. They also like to play games and we see them haul out the Ouija board to play with and that leads to more tussles and fights among them since as much as they are friends, they're also like cats and dogs at times. This has been reflected in their school life several times over and it's just the same when they're left to their own devices. It's a simple opening piece to get the mood going, but that along with the way Sherlock is presented afterward at the school safety lecture again points her to being a complete dullard in many ways. Or just oblivious to normal life.

When the girls have to go and investigate an accident that's happened that has taken out one young man, they head back to the board in an effort to try and get some answers from the greatest detectives in history. Unfortunately for them, they actually unleash the souls of them into the girls other than Sherlock herself, which means their famous ancestors are now in the present and ready to roll. It is amusing to see them taking on such airs and coming across as competent and serious while also retaining their perceptions of things from the age in which they came, meaning that they're full fledged adults who have lived and treat all the others like the kids that they are. Suffice to say that does not go over well in the slightest since they're rather arrogant and out there.

When Sherlock gets taken over by her famous grandfather, everything moves even faster since they're such a room full of competents who all figure things out even before we get all the facts. This is actually amusing since you would have the old adventures in some form play out like that in that Holmes would say he knows the truth right from the start and then starts to work it out with the investigation. We get some of that here but it's made worse by others like Cordelia the Gray and Watson and all. The episode takes on a heavy supernatural air about it because of the possessed spirits inhabiting the girls who are able to competently handle the trouble that they face on the campus. Unfortunately, like previous episodes, it's still hard to care about any of it because the main characters are so hard to connect with that even introducing their ancestors doesn't help at all.

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