Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #10 Anime Review

Festival episodes are a dime a dozen no matter what kind of anime series you watch as even the most unrelated show can seemingly find a way to sneak one in. Otome Yokai Zakuro has their own festival episode here which means the girls get to be all prettied up in yukata's, unlike the western dresses they wore for the formal ball before, and everyone gets to enjoy the sights and delights of a festival. But it also introduces some element of sadness and disquiet as everyone pairs off eventually and some background worries and concerns start to rise, particularly between Zakuro and Kei.

Having the two going through a brick and mortar maze is really well done visually and it goes further as Zakuro finds herself spirited away and Kei thrown into a loop because of it. With this episode, it's time to start revealing more of what's been going on in the background by moving it to the foreground like this. Zakuro's abduction has her meeting the masked man who turns out to be Hanadate, but even that is a false name. His plans for Zakuro, with her being of two worlds, is what the series is angling towards focusing on at this point as he spends much of his time talking about fate and the things that must be done. Like his military persona of Hanadate, Omodaka is a pretty intense and precise person who has set goals that must play out exactly as he wants and he's able to intimidate others into listening to him with ease.

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