Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #23 Anime Review

Nothing says the start of a big battle like a little bath scene. As everything starts to come together and Rikuo's night form asks for everyone to give over their lives to him so long as the moon shines down that night so they can do battle and entrust themselves to him. The stage has been well set so when it shifts to a bath scene, brief as it is, I can't help but feel that it loses some of its energy. We know they can do a fight scene really well after the Inugami episode, but getting there is more than half the battle. The setup took pretty much the entire previous episode and it takes another few minutes here before the two sides truly meet on the field of battle, complete with local buildings in view to give it that modern flavor, but it's so tempered and restrained at first that you spend more time waiting for it to actually cut loose.

The further into the episode we go, the more the show slows down as it tries to build up the suspense. The standoff has its moments as the two sides stare each other down at the leadership level, and there's some nice little twists that eventually come into play in terms of the powers, but before it can really start in on anything it diverges to the human cast of school kids who are either going through their normal night routines, like bath time and the such, or they're sitting in some park as part of the paranormal research club where they find that there are hundreds of yokai sightings pouring in on the internet. While these could help to make the battle larger than it seems, it instead disrupts the flow since it becomes such a slow scene. Rather than add tension and drama, it takes us away from where the show is already having a hard time building.

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