Sekirei Complete Series Anime DVD Review

Based on the manga of the same name by Sakurako Gokurakuin, Sekirei is a twelve episode series that originally appeared in the seinen magazine young Gangan from Square Enix. The manga is still ongoing and this series, which ran in 2008, has a second season kicking off in the summer of 2010. Ten volumes of the manga have been produced so it looks like there’s some material to work with, though I wouldn’t be surprised at some padding. The series revolves around a young man named Minato, who as you can tell from every bit of promotional text about the show, has failed his college entrance exams only to have something more interesting fall into his lap in the form of a very busy young woman named Musubi. She’s being chased by some rather angry women in skimpy outfits that want to do her harm, so she blazes off and takes Minato with her. Where she promptly changes and shows that she has no issue in showing off her rather sizable cleavage, complete with nipples, to a complete stranger. It’s an awkward but not unfamiliar meeting of people as the two eventually do exchange introductions once things die down a bit. Musubi seems fairly typical here at first as she’s all about the eating, able to pack away ten meals for one person (I suspect she stocks the food up in those massive breasts) but wants to do right by Minato in order to repay him. She’s very happy to have met him since he’s exactly what she’s looking for in something called an Ashikabi. Apparently it’s something that involves a guy fondling her breasts, which makes Minato a touch uncomfortable for all of a minute before he remembers himself. Musubi’s having a mixture of luck overall since falling into his lap as she’s gotten on well with him, but she’s still being sought out by the other two women who want to take her down before she has a chance to awaken. Yet every touch with Minato seems to push her close to awakening, and she has no choice but to take it all the way in order to protect both of them.

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