Slayers Revolution Season 4 Part 1 UK Anime DVD Review

2004. So I was looking to see how this new franchise was going to a) hold out after several years and b) if fans not familiar with the series could also get into it. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed Revolution a lot and perhaps a bit more than some of the original series.

The first couple of episodes are great for fans to get back into the series - we get Lina Inverse, almight sorceress and lover of money, still with her bodyguard, the lovable idiot Gourry Gabriev, and not too soon after, we also get the return of Amelia and Zelgadis, the young justice loving princess of Seiryun, and the part golem stoic swordsman/mage. This is great for fans of Slayers and in both languages, the original cast is pretty much back (with one exception in the dub, a change in the voice of Xelloss but arguably that is one change that fans WANTED to happen). There are some things that do require knowledge of the series beforehand (like the explanation of the Sword Of Light being missing) but mostly for the first two episodes, the introductions are good enough so that newcomers can also get into the series.

Slayers is still good on the comedy - mainly as the initial plot is an inspector named Wizer, a comic buffoon who has been sent to arrest Lina Inverse for the crime of'Lina Inverse. His spiels are incredibly funny as is the good cop/bad cop routines with Lina, even more so when the others tend to agree with him subconsciously. However, it leads to the main plot that someone has been using her spells to attack magic golems around the world, and Lina intends to find out who is doing this. She eventually finds the culprit, a living stuffed animal named Pokota, who explains the magic golems are actually his, but initially doesn't explain why he is destroying them.

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