Bleach Episode #300 Anime Review

With long anime series, there's less of a need to celebrate anniversary moments like this than you see with US shows or especially comic books that look for any reason to double size extravaganzize something. It may not mean much in Japan when you hit some of the benchmarks, but as a Western fan it can be a little annoying to have a key numerical episode be little more than a filler episode. With Bleach having a couple of less than thrilling stories lately in the middle of a ramped up storyline that seeks to change much of what we know, it's been very frustrating and you can easily see this episode going the way of being pointless.

With Aizen's plans being revealed that he's been manipulating events for so very long, Ichigo has been going at him pretty hard and he's even seen the surprising arrival of his father there to try and take him down. What's even more surprising is the arrival of Urahara, as my experience with him has been that he's very much the background manipulator that doesn't get involved. Most likely from things that have happened in the past that has him in something of a semi-retirement so he can actually enjoy life. Seeing him show up in the middle of this raging battle to take on Aizen and to actually be able to surprise Aizen rather early on with it is pretty exhilarating and shows once again that Aizen isn't in complete control of everything.

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