The World God Only Knows Episode #10 Anime Review

Shiori's a character that was introduced in the last episode that certainly keys in to a particular demographic, being the quiet and shy book loving girl and having Keima trying to help her with the loose soul part was only going to cause her trouble. Keima's the type that can really cause trouble though since he's also a bit of a futurist, which often comes from those that are up on technology and playing the latest games. In his efforts to shake Shiori up some so he can get to her and deal with the loose soul, he hits her with some of the biggest digs. Telling her that everything would be better if all the books were digitized and then tossed.

Getting through her barriers in this way may be cruel, but as he points out to Elsie, he now has managed to get some kind of dialogue going with her and has some access to what she thinks about at least something. Shiori's very adamant about the world of print books and defends it at least briefly before things overtake her and she just has to leave. Her views certainly aren't unique, and while I find myself coming across more in Keima's mindset, I'm not dismissive of those who want print or physical media. There is something special about turning the pages and seeing the way Shiori has used that to build up the walls around her makes sense based on what we see of her past here.

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