Rainbow Episode #24 Anime Review

Turtle has long been the cagey support person of the group, always able to get things done in a pinch and maneuver the tricky streets of commerce and people with relative ease. His arc started off with a fair bit of promise because of Lilly and the US officer she was supposed to return to America with since there was a good chance that he'd be able to go along with them. Unfortunately, there was a good deal of trickery involved there and nothing went as planned for either of them. What made it worse for Turtle was that his illness related to the atomic bomb has started to hit him as well and we got a very intense look at what happened during that fateful day.

With that illness now taking a turn for the worse with him, it's something that Mario can't exactly hide anymore since the local doctor can do only so much, so he has to fill Lilly in on things. Neither of them can afford to get him the medical attention he needs at a hospital, so Lilly hopes to use some of her remaining contacts on the base in order to get him looked at. At the same time, Turtle is going a different approach by using his funds to gain a larger loan with the cheap moneylender in order to gain the 300,000 yen he needs in such a hurry. While he can't get it done the way he wants, he finds himself entering a very different world instead.

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