Naruto: Shippuden Episode #190 Anime Review

Naruto's filler run has had its moments here and there, which isn't saying a lot overall, but the quality has certainly ranged from the worst filler ever to barely passable inventory story material. With the latest episode, it's got afterschool special material written all over it as Naruto finds himself assigned to a C-rank mission under captain Hayama where they basically get to do some patrol duty, but it's not something to overlook. An important part of the village is making sure that things are safe and that definitely means securing the borders. What makes it so predictable from the start is that the group has a genin assigned to the group named Kosuke who has been at this rank for the majority of his life and is well over fifty years old at this point.

Suffice to say, he's going to clash with Naruto. Naruto's loud and out there style is going to be the polar opposite of the very patient and calm Kosuke so it's little surprise that the two end up working together a lot on this mission. Whether it's patrolling or catching food for the campfire dinner, they're very lightly grating against each other, though it's more that Naruto can't stand it since Kosuke has seen it all before and knows exactly what kind of person Naruto is. Even more so since he's been around for so long and knows some of the truths about the past since he lived through it. Kosuke's not a bad character, but his arc is pretty plain from the start since he's been in this position for so long and has his issues, but also has a bit of acceptance about the whole thing.

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