Shiki Episode #19 Anime Review

With the presence of the Shiki far more apparent and public now, thanks to events that played out with Toshio and Chizuru, the villagers are fully aware of what's happening even if they don't quite get it. Their fear has been undirected for so long now because of the deaths and the not knowing that now having an object to focus on, they move full force to deal with it. The series has been so striking with its brutality at times, not overdone but very key to the moment, that even when it's all playing out on a rather public stage, it's just as intense and powerful. Toshio's revelations to everyone following the brutality is just as intense in its own way as he lays clear what's happened and what they're up against. It's essentially rallying the villagers to pitchforks and torches, but it's so natural and appropriate that you can only grin at how it escalates.

The reactions of the core group is most intriguing as they take things fairly methodically after a bit of shock at what's happened. Knowing that the village is essentially lost, they shift their plan to turning as many as they can and then turning them all against each other since there is no way for so many to survive outside of the village in hiding. While they can take a village and control it, that many on the move is far too noticeable and problematic. The plan they put into motion is amusing in a way since all they want to do is create confusion and chaos, which is pretty easy to do once people are aware that there are undead out there. They're going to be tense and jumping at shadows from the start, and what better way to heighten that than to add even more shadows.

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