Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #23 Anime Review

After all that's happened and all the violence and adventure and adversity, the Legend of Legendary Heroes decides to go for something a bit lighter and more amusing for a good part of it. With Ryner and Ferris back with Sion, Ryner finds himself under the gun to do a whole lot of paperwork for him. Ryner of course wants nothing to do with it but Sion is pretty insistent that it must be done and in time for him to be able to have his birthday celebration. Ryner's doing his best to get out of it of course and he manages to sneak out, but it causes him to get into a whole lot more trouble until he can hook up with Ferris for some food.

Much of the episode is about this kind of light silliness that's kind of pleasant to watch in its own way, simply because the show has been fairly dark and murky lately. There are some uplifting moments to be had and even Ryner shines nicely when it comes to the fireworks scene. The vocal music that plays out during the celebration is very nice as well, though it's unfortunate that the vocals themselves couldn't be subtitled. When the Legend of Legendary Heroes wants to set a mood, it does do it very well. Bringing out these lighter moments and then shifting into something darker in the midst of the song is very appropriate, especially as it has Sion riding out in his coach into the rain with Ryner in tow. It's so richly atmospheric that I can almost forget how awful the show can be at times with telling its story.

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