Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #11 Anime Review

With Tomoki fraught with nightmares about the girls being laid out dead before him and things about the second generation angeloids, there's a lot of impending darkness in the series at this point. When you add in a lot of heavy rains and a hurricane heading towards the city, it only adds to that atmosphere. And with some of the girls at home at this point instead of at school since Ikaros is ill,, the darkness feels even more omnipresent than it would otherwise. Thankfully, Tomoki knows how to make the best of every situation though and admires the way the water makes the white tops of the school uniforms on girls show what lies beneath it.

This kind of setting has all the makings for a good fight scene though, outside of the bras that Tomoki is hunting up, as Astrea gets to deal with the second generation one that has arrived in the form of Chaos. There's a lot of potential for a good sequence here and Sora no Otoshimono Forte wants to play up two sides to it. While Chaos and Astrea work out the aggression in the real world, Tomoki is sent into the Dive Game world of his dreams with help from Sohara in order to deal with the threat from there. The contrast of the dark ominous skies of the real world with the rain and winds and the lush greens and calm steel of Tomoki's access to the dream world is really nicely done. It's so bright and striking in that world in comparison that it makes the real world seem all the darker because of it.

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