Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #11 Anime Review

Another day, another lecture for the sisters from Garterbelt, who's more than a little pissed that they're been claiming to be chasing Ghosts while actually involved in, uh, other activities. Having had enough of being told off, though, they decide it's time to turn the tables, and follow him when he heads into a hidden crypt beneath the church, hoping to catch him in some nefarious misdeeds of his own. But Garterbelt has trapped the place so well that Indy would be proud. Later, the girls sit on a sofa and do some heavy-duty bitching...

Another week, another two segments of fun from Panty and Stocking - or at least that's what I've come to expect. despite the occasional niggle of worry that it'll all go horribly wrong before the end. This is GAINAX we're dealing with, after all. This week's instalment gives us two more segments to digest, one teetering on the edge of awesome, and the other very much not.

"Awesome" is so very nearly the description for the first half, which sees the girls looking for something they can hold over Garterbelt by way of blackmail material - just the sort of thing his diary should hold, and that's what they find once they've managed to traverse the traps that protect his secret underground crypt. What his diary reveals, though, is a rather interesting tale that does for history what last episode's music video did for the music scene - a journey through several thousand years of history, sketched out by brief visual references to movies and historical events that skip past so quickly that you have to be really paying attention to catch them all. I can't deny that there's a certain amount of fun to be had playing spot-the-reference, while seeing Garterbelt a) in dreadlocks instead of an afro and b) as a centuries old undead priest, as the diary hints, did make the ol' eyebrow raise just a little. Fun, nonsensical, and with an ending that's just typical Garterbelt. Good fun.

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