Squid Girl Episode #10 Anime Review

The world as viewed by Squid Girl has to be positively bizarre at times, even more so since she's in Japan. Some of the customs are quite odd by other countries, though every country has its things, but sometimes Japan just seems to go the extra distance. Squid Girl continues to get introduced to new things, this time something as simple as the teru that's used to ward off the rain and bring about clear skies. That means they get to spend their time indoors and that leads to a lot of drawing of each other for practice, though Squid Girl's talents are definitely a mixed thing. When she goes all out, it's pretty amazing. And insulting, since she draws everyone as she sees them which varies into some very hideous realms.

An amusing plot that's thrown into this episode focuses on Sanae as she's told that she has to throttle back on the way she is with Squid Girl. She's so over the top with her at times with the way she idolizes and loves her that it's becoming a real problem. So she's forced into taking things down several notches and going to a very casual and simple friendliness with Squid Girl. It's amusingly difficult for her since she can't even take pictures from a distance and even goes so far as to try and put a hat on a dog to make it look like Squid Girl for a little bit. Her obsessive nature is shown to its fullest here and it is positively creepy. And very amusing. But that edge of sadness is welcome to it since it gives it a little more than just a straight comedy piece, something that Squid Girl has brought to the table before.

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