Samurai Girls Episode #11 Anime Review

Samurai Girls has moved firmly into the end story arc, at least for this chapter of the show, and it's something of a difficult beast. It's spent its time being dark and fluffy at the same time with the girls and how Muneakira makes them into master samurai. With the full on arrival of Yoshihiko and his plan to create controlled master samurai of his own, in a sense portraying him as the real savior of Japan and not the great shadow that has been threatening the nation, it's become a little less defined. While Yoshihiko may see himself as a savior, the others don't and want to try and work with him. That's not going to happen and it's amusing to see Jubei simply go feudal on his ass with an outright aggressive attack on him.

Yoshihiko's inhumanity does shine through in the end, even if you agree with his basic premise and ideas. He sees the master samurai's he's been creating as little more than tools, even if they do have feelings like Nia fully expresses in her own controlled way. It's his casual offhandedness about it all that pushes his personality over the edge though since he can't see them as anything more than creations. And that's just one step removed from what everyone else really is in that we're all just creations of two other people. This view definitely colors the flashback we see when he first met and began to sway Nia to his side as even then he saw her just as a tool to use for his ambitions.

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