Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #11 Anime Review

After the victory over the Divine Crusader remnants at Riksent, they have now gone quiet for the moment. With this breathing space, the Earth Federation government can now plan for a counterattack against the aliens that have invaded and taken over North America: the Inspectors. And the plan is already drawn up: Operation Plantagenet. It is a bold plan, with a simultaneous attack on both coasts, with the EFA on the west coast and the DC forces on the east coast.

The DC?

Yes. The Federation is going to open up talks with the DC to fight against the aliens, since the whole purpose of the DC originally was their contention that they were better suited to leading the people of Earth against the threat posed by the aliens, the first wave being the Aerogaters who came before. Now with new aliens here, if the DC is true to their reason for being, they would want to fight the aliens who have invaded their home as well. A line of communications has been opened. The line of communications is Rose, the head of Isurugi Heavy Industries, who has been double-dealing the Federation by providing weapons and equipment to the DC as well.

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