Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #11 Anime Review

With Otome Yokai Zakuro finishing up in the next episode, it's time to start getting down to the core of certain matters. One of the big ones, though it hasn't been dealt with in a straightforward manner for awhile, involves Zakuro's heritage. With her finding her mother in sitting quietly in the building where she's now found herself captured, the series opts to give us a good bit of flashback that shows us Tsukuhane when she was younger and having a difficult time of things with Lord Omodaka. All of this comes as Kushimatsu explains it all from her perspective to everyone else in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs.

Tsukuhane's flashback story is fairly traditional overall as she's a young spirit that has fallen very much in love not only with a man but humankind as well. As she spends her days watching them and seeing how they live, the way they're so affectionate and friendly with each other, she wants very much to be with them more. She ends up falling in love with a young man named Enaga who has the same kind of soft and warm aura about him that she does. Of course, as its' told through Kushimatsu's perspective, it's likely romanticized a fair bit up through the time when it inevitably goes towards Enaga's death right in front of her by Omodaka who is but a child at this point. It's all really beautifully done, with a look that really shines, but it's all fairly straightforward in that you can figure it out once the flashback starts.

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