Kimikiss: Pure Rouge Collection 2 Anime DVD Review

The first half of Kimikiss was one of those shows that managed to take the show beyond preconceptions of a video game turned anime and prove that it can be done well. When dealing with high school romances, it can get pretty melodramatic depending on how far they want to go, so finding the right balance can be difficult for a lot of shows. Kimikiss managed it very well in those first thirteen episodes by using the standard idea of a childhood friend returning in the midst of other relationships that were in the early stages. The return of Mao to Kouichi's life sets off a series of events that resulted in confessions of interest and other experiments. Watching these kids go through first loves, coming to understand love itself as best as you can at that age and coping with the hormones as well is very endearing. The primary couple of Kouichi and Yuumi is still one of better ones to watch in terms of something that makes you feel warm inside. With the knowledge that Yuumi is transferring after the culture festival, Kouichi is doing what he can to find good things to do with her that will make memories. He's made his intentions clear on visiting her regularly, but Mao at least talks him out of getting part time jobs for some trips and just find smaller and more personal things to do that will mean more in the end. It's a bittersweet romance as it plays out simply because of the distance the two will have to deal with. The closeness they present to the world makes you smile, since they're not hiding it like many other shows often do for awhile and they're not high maintenance personalities.

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