Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #24 Anime Review

In a lot of ways, I really dislike that Nura had such a great episode with Inugami a few episodes ago as it actually gave me some hope that we'd see something thrilling at the end here and that the A team would step in and shepherd things. With the battle between the two starts starting in the previous episode, it didn't actually get too far since it was a lot of rallying the troops (what awful pep talks they were!) before getting to anything good. It was almost a classic battle in a sense as both sides faced each other down in the park before starting to go at it while yokai sightings started being reported all over town.

With this episode, entitled Devil's Hammer, the fighting picks up a whole lot more but it suffers from the problem of having so many characters attacking all over the place that it loses its connection for the viewer. Some of these characters haven't been seen much, if at all, so it just becomes a cavalcade of action. That works well enough in its own way as there's plenty to like when you do recognize people in the middle of the hazy blue fog that's surrounding it all, but you start to want more time spent with the main characters. So when Rikuo and the others take center stage, your interest perks up. Of course, that's when it wants to shift to his schoolmates as they race around the city as part of the paranormal research club.

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