Bleach Episode #301 Anime Review

With the series back on track and dealing with the main storyline again, we saw quite the three hundredth episode previously as it took Aizen and moved him to the next level. While he was already quite powerful, using the Hogyoku has moved him up even further in his transformation. And it's a transformation that at least didn't make him look rather terrible as some others have done. Bleach has narrowed things down at this point overall though, as we're down to just two main battles playing out in a small space, which is what defines this episode.

One thing that had been bothering me with the fight as it stood previously was that for much of it, Ichigo was just standing there watching it, even with Gin pretty much standing right behind him. Gin's role as a trusted man for Aizen has long been interesting to me and I've always thought Gin had a little extra to his personality to make him stand out in a quiet and charming kind of way. With the main battle playing out, he's taking the offensive against Ichigo, pretty much playing with him on some level, which forces Ichigo to allow some of his Hollow side out in order to fight back against him. It's quite a good fight overall, though it's not one that's presented without interruption which does unfortunately slow the intensity of it at times. Gin even manages to get a really nice psychological dig in at him.

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