King Kong ain’t got nothing on him

During the golden age of the giant monster movies in Japan Godzilla came to dominate the competition. And while the King of Monsters was the top of the hill he couldn’t become complacent due to a number of determined challengers- One of which was Gamera.  Like most of the monster films of the time the goal was to do the best they could with the limited budget while also keeping up with competitors who were similarly clever in production and forced to be creative for the same reasons. With that in mind Gamera stands up in its effects and suits with its predecessor Gojira (Godzilla) made a few years previous. Even the coldest reaches of the planet Earth may contain keys to ancient secrets while also being a battle ground for a cold war-but when conflict unleashes an ancient leviathan will cold war posturing lead to extinction for mankind in a way it never imagined? The feature introduces us to Dr Hidaka, his assistant Kyoko Yamamoto and photographer Aoyagi as they have been part of a scientific voyage to a remote Eskimo village to research the ancient legend of Atlantis and strange turtle legends. The team arrives at the village as a flight of unknown planes pass overhead. Given the state of heightened alert the US government intercepts and shoots down one of the planes which cause its nuclear weapons to explode.

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