Rainbow Episode #25 Anime Review

Taking on the job for Sugi in getting the money from a very delinquent person, Turtle takes on the role of a repo man with a kind of ferocity that you wouldn't quite expect from him. He's definitely had a kind of certainty and confidence to himself since we met him, but now that we know more of his background and how he's feeling, his approach to life is definitely taking on new tones. With that back in the mind feeling that he may be dying from the effects of the bombing back in the war, it frees you up from certain things you may normally feel. He has his goals that he wants to achieve and knowing subconsciously that you have a limited amount of time, you'll go the distance if you have what it takes.

The relationship between Turtle and Lilly continue to evolve in interesting ways here. She went pretty far for him in the previous episode in order to get him into the hospital to be checked out at the same time that he went really far in order to get her money so she can go to America. For Lilly, it's really impacting her a lot since she's become so immune to the ways of the world since it's treated her like crap for so long. With her now understanding what Turtle has done for her, it's such a shock and a surprise that she's going to go to extra lengths to make sure that he's not going down any further wrong paths because of her. His showing her some brightness and light in this world has her wanting even more to make sure that she's not the cause of bringing him more darkness.

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