The World God Only Knows Episode #11 Anime Review

The World God Only Knows has certainly swung from one extreme to the other, going from the loud and outgoing Kanon to the shy and quiet Shiori. Keima's attempts at getting into her head, having played many librarian type characters in his games before, went fairly well and he got some clues on how to worm his way in further so he can deal with her. Unfortunately, she's gone around the deep end a little bit because of issues within the library where a number of books are being thrown away in order to make space for a new digital media room. Being as in love with the printed book as she is, Shiori decides her only course of action is to barricade herself in. After a trip to the convenience store of course for supplies.

Shiori's love affair with books goes back a long way, something we see through a minor flashback to when she was much younger, but it's not something that means much of anything to the other members of the library committee. They're intent on getting on with things and do their best to break through the barricade that she's created. Amusingly, the only one that actually gets through is Keima. Keima's support isn't all that much, at least it seems like that at first, as when he gets in there he just sits by her side while playing his games. Her introverted nature keeps her off balance during it since she doesn't know how to deal with someone like him. Amusingly, the two are more alike in some ways than she can realize, but she internalizes things very heavily because of her insecurity, something that Keima doesn't have.

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