Rainbow Episode #26 Anime Review

As the boys all move firmly down the paths that their lives have been taking since getting out of the reformatory, it's little surprise that Mario is essentially the central focus of it. They've all come in and out of each others lives over the course of the series but Mario has been more consistent than others. And with the things he's been through, he's taken on the role of Sakuragi himself as he's gotten older, becoming the reliable and steady one whose heart is there to help his friends at any time. He's got his wounds as well, physical ones as well, and that's where the focus turns to as Jeffrey is doing his best to get Mario back into the ring.

Even with it being three years since his hand was broken and left in the state it's in, boxing coach Jimmy Brown sees a lot of potential in him if it can be fixed. The doctor he's sent to is amazed that his hand even functions at this point and only gives him a thirty percent chance of being able to fix it. Sakuragi's words ring loud in his head though in that if there's even a one percent chance for something, you take it and do all that you can. The bonds of friendship come back into play to try and help Mario find his real path again and they all work hard at making sure that he can get the operation. These kinds of bonds have been common throughout the series, but each time it comes up with the swelling of the music, it still works very well. These guys are like war buddies who have been through so much together that they'll do anything for one another.

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