Naruto: Shippuden Episode #191 Anime Review

With word that Naruto is going to get back on track in just a few weeks, it makes going through the remaining filler stories a double edged sword. You know the good stuff is coming back soon and can hold onto that, but you may also find yourself struggling even more with them. Naruto can bring out since decent filler side stories here and there, and this one has a very different tone from what we've seen before. It's not played for laughs, though there are a few, and instead is kept to being serious which allows you to get sucked into it pretty easily.

The episode focuses on a spy named Hanare who has been nabbed while trying to get information on the Hidden Leaf Village. The interrogation and memory retrieval goes pretty well and we see where her village has survived over the years not by fighting but by espionage and it's her duty to be able to continue on that tradition to keep everyone safe. What's surprising is that when they do go back into her memories, they come across an image of Kakashi from years gone by. A need to know becomes paramount at this point and Kakashi is allowed to take her out into the village, since there isn't anything important out in public view to begin with, to try and ease her off her guard so they can figure out what she's really up to. And as they walk the streets, pretty much everyone thinks that Kakashi and Hanare are dating in some form.

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