Princess Jellyfish Episode #09 Anime Review

If there is something that has definitely surprised and amused me with this show as it progressed, it's that Inari is such a wonderful character. She's conniving and quirky, beautiful and silly. Her attempts at gaining position in all the business that's going on has her falsely sleeping with Shu to get evidence from which she can be all coldhearted, but then she can be a giggly teenage girl the next moment. Few shows capture how women can be sometimes when it comes to anime, as they're usually so focused on the archetype, but Inari seems to be much more human in this regard and her role makes her unpredictable and fun.

The game she's playing does actually blow up in her face, which isn't a surprise. Her attempts at getting closer to Shu's father through him isn't exactly a bad one with the mindset she has, and she's backed it up with enough proof for most people. So when his father comes out to meet her, he goes right for it by asking if they've done it, to which she naturally says yes. But with Kuranosuke and Tsukimi there, his brother knows the truth that Shu is actually still a virgin. Which punches a huge hole through her story and sets her to a bad place with his father. Though that happens, the focus is more on Tsukimi's reaction to it all. She's definitely been smitten by him and even with Kuranosuke reassuring her, the whole thing has definitely gotten into her head in a big way.

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