Shiki Episode #20 Anime Review

The shift in the show from secrecy and being scared about the Shiki has now become anger and rage as Toshio has shown them that they can be beaten. The staking of the mistress opened the eyes of many and made a lot of them feel emboldened to finish things properly in order to protect those that have survived so far and to end the travesty of those who have come back from the dead. While Toshio understands that it was inevitable, the violence and bloodshed is truly brutal as they work through the village to make things right. Covered in blood, serious and intense looks on their faces, the men know what needs to be done, even after seeing the retaliation that comes against Toshio personally with his mother being killed.

A good deal of the Shiki are dealt with, but Toshio knows full well that even as large as the pile of bodies is, there's still a whole lot more out there. The living have few options for dealing with the bodies since a large fire would cause the authorities to notice, so they're just burying everyone. It's a disturbing scene, even more so because Toshio is so calm about it and more concerned about the larger number of them that are still left out there. With the way they're taking them down though, the okiagari are definitely starting to fight back and it's rather surprising, but welcome, to see Seishiro doing so by using a rifle from a good distance in trying to take down the most obvious leaders of this fight back against them.

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