Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #36 Anime Review

With Connor's affection for her having become known, Sunny is ordered to put poison in the cookies that she regularly bakes for him - an order that she's not happy about obeying, even if she has been taught to believe that the Bees are their enemies. Connor, meanwhile, has seen Lag and Road fighting and has reluctantly accepted that the residents of the Abbey - Sunny included - are members of Reverse. But with a giant Gaichuu, Cabernet, on the way to the town, there may not be much time for them to do anything about it...

Love never really does run smoothly when the two interested parties are on opposite sides of some kind of divide, and so that's the case here between Sunny and Connor, who are clearly in love with each other, but who have some work to do to overcome the Reverse - Bee divide. The nuns of the abbey, and those who live under their "care", became involved with Reverse as a way of bringing money into their orphanage - Reverse were willing to "donate" when no-one else would. But their donations came at a high price, and the Abbey's residents have now been thoroughly indoctrinated into Reverse's beliefs - and the belief that the role they'll play in Reverse's plans, as human sacrifices to help create an immensely powerful Gaichuu that can be used to attack the capital, Akatsuki - is somehow both honourable and unavoidable. After some of the revelations of recent episodes, that painted Amberground's government in a very bad light, Reverse's actions here just go to reinforce that they're no angels themselves. If you're looking to find who the "good" guys are, in terms of the big picture you'd have a hard time telling.

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