Maid-Sama! Episode #23-26 Anime Review

Maid-Sama! should have been a rather light and fluffy confection, a sweet and sentimental journey into the realm of young love, though with a twist: the girl is a hard-charging take-no-prisoners type who is forced to hide the fact that in order to make financial ends meet for her family, she has to work as an obsequious maid-servant at a maid cafe. The boy is a specimen of perfection in every manner, but somehow the girl is not interested, or so she claims. While it does provide what is promised to a degree, a sweet romance, it has also done its level best to annoy the viewer on more than one occasion. Part of how it has achieved this is to make the heroine, Misaki Ayuzawa, denser than lead. Her denseness is probably capable of stopping cosmic rays from penetrating her thick skull. Another issue is Takumi Usui's (the male lead) flawless perfection that borders on godhood, as he effortlessly does whatever he feels like, except easily getting Misaki to like him, of course. But the greatest of all irritants has been the other elements brought into play. The show has outdone itself in providing cringing and eye-rolling moments for the viewers by introducing rival suitors that are both irksome and/or loathsome to severe degrees. That in itself would not really be an issue, if it was the intention of the original creator for the audience not to root for these alternate choices for the love of our dense heroine. The problem is that the rival suitors presented have been such incredibly outlandish pastiches of overplayed stereotypes and worn-out tropes that they do not present real challenges for the "official couple," merely methods of injecting false drama and tension into a rather boring non-romance.

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