Squid Girl Episode #11 Anime Review

Creepy doll is creepy. And such is what Eiko has hauled out from her storage as she has a pair of dolls from years ago that are now fetching premium collector prices so she wants to cash in some. The dolls from her childhood, Johnny and Depp, are essentially Chucky-like dolls that creep everyone out, especially Squid Girl. To make it worse, Eiko has decided to keep the one she found in her bedroom but Squid Girl can't help but to feel that it's watching her. It's positively chilling when she turns it around to look away from her, but the frame it with the doll staring into the night sky. And every night, no matter what, the doll keeps turning itself around when Squid Girl wakes up. Her reactions are absolutely priceless when dealing with some of the most basic things that people have that she's not familiar with. That said, the doll is damn creepy.

After a recent story had fun with Cindy and her scientists, I was definitely glad to see her back as she continues to research the alien that she believes Squid Girl is. But she's also latched onto Chizuru who she can't help but view as superhuman and has focused more on her as of late with her research. Research being what we'll call it, though it's more just coming up with bizarre ways of testing Chizuru that invariably cause more problems. Giving one of the scientists an invisibility suit is a terribly bad idea, especially as he goes around giving enema attacks. The group is supposed to be getting some blood samples from her, but they're more amused by their own intelligence than anything else and even as they highlight their graduate accomplishments, they come off continually as really quite incompetent in a lot of ways.

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