Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #12 Anime Review

With Zakuro's origins now detailed, there's a concerted effort to save her from those that wish to use her for their own nefarious plans. It's interesting to see how most of those in the Ministry are ready to go and rescue her together, yet Kei ends up on the outside with all of it and intends to go after her himself since the rest went off without him. There's a real darkness about the events because of how Omodaka wants to use Zakuro for what's essentially his own breeding progam but it's one that has a strange history to it as we saw in the previous episode. Because of the nature of Zakuro, she obviously has few expectations of being rescued by Kei considering his prejudices earlier in the episode, but he continues to prove her wrong on a regular basis.

Omodaka for his part fits the role o the villain well, though he doesn't exactly see himself as a villain though he knows he's doing things other consider to be evil. With his belief that his union with Zakuro is ordained and indeed necessary, he's very much considering himself in the right here though his methods leave a lot to be desired. The fight between Kei and those that Omodaka has surrounded himself with is rather a good moment here, especially as she's laying in the grass with her mind a blank at this point. There's a certain creepiness about it all but it all goes in a very unexpected direction when Kei reveals that he's heard Zakuro's mother's voice, something that sends Omodaka over the edge in disbelief after all the time he's spent trying to get her to give him what he needs and wants.

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