Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #25 Anime Review

With word that the series, which is ongoing in manga form, is going to get a second season, I have to admit reduced hopes for the end of this season in terms of really finishing things out. Especially when you realize that the next episode appears to be a recap episode. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan is doing rather well and it's not a surprise why since it's a pretty easily accessible show for newer fans that can get into it and gush all over it since it uses the mixture of comedy and supernatural action well at times. The manga itself is gaining a lot of traction in Japan and the timing seems ripe for the Next Big Series to start showing up. While I don't personally see this as the next Bleach or One Piece, it's definitely got a whole lot of Inu Yasha potential to it.

The battle has certainly heated up a fair bit here as Rikuo and Tamazaki go at it, though a lot of the time is spent with it just being stylish more than actual attacks. The style side does work well as it seems like the A team showed up to animate it here. Backgrounds are still weak but the actual character animation is quite strong and the visuals for it all is really appealing with the cherry blossoms for example. There's an actual animation budget here, especially when the two sides of Rikuo come together in a very unusual moment and fight against Tamazuki. It's not exactly a strong point in terms of storytelling, since it's the kind of thing that feels like it's a slim chance in hell of happening, but it provides for a fairly epic moment as Tamazuki goes over the edge in trying to cut down Rikuo.

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