Eyeshield 21 Collection 3 Anime DVD Review

Eyeshield 21 has certainly been a challenging show to watch on a couple of levels and the third collection actually adds a few new ones. Sports shows are a favorite of mine but the ones that go for over exaggerated moves and outlandish costumes tend to be less interesting because things can change for no realistic reason at the drop of a hat. It also suffers heavily from the whole hiding who Eyeshield 21 is. While I can understand the idea in general, presenting it as he'd get scooped up by other clubs and Mamori would stop him from playing since she sees him as just a child, it's an incredibly frustrating angle because it asks us to believe that Mamori and many others are stupid. Very, very stupid. With this set of episodes, we spend the bulk of it in America, though Japan's eyes and through the wacky view of this particular series where anything goes. The gang has come over for some special training but there's a lot of things that happens along the way. That it opens with wanted posters of jewel thieves that Sena and Monta have to deal with as it involves Hiruma's dog is swapped out for a stuffed one that has a jewel. And the two international thieves are bright and garish, enough so that you could easily point them out in a huge crowd. That they match the wanted posters only adds insult to injury. While I don't look for huge amounts of realism in certain shows and this is one that wants to play loose with reality to begin with, but any post-9/11 show has to deal with things a little better. I mean, the manga even started in 2002, so it's not like it's dated in that regard. It's a small thing but it's enough to make you roll your eyes.

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