POP Wonderland Series: Cinderella Picture Book Review

The POP WONDERLAND series is geared towards kids, and like its Little Red Riding Hood predecessor, Cinderella sticks to the classic tale. While some versions of Cinderella contain darker aspects (i.e. the wicked stepsisters getting their eyes pecked out by birds), this story, based off the Hans Christian Andersen version, steers clear of those elements. The text and illustrations stay firmly in the domain of cheerful and cute and can be enjoyed by the entire family. The book does make an interesting stylistic choice regarding Cinderella. While the stepsisters look like young ladies in their late teens or early twenties, Cinderella is depicted as much younger. She can't be more than twelve the way she's drawn, and the text refers to her as "little girl" twice. Perhaps this is the illustrator's effort to make Cinderella more relatable to the children who will be reading the book. At any rate, the prince also looks extremely young (twelve to fourteen years old) so the sight of him and Cinderella as groom and bride isn't too jarring.

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