Shaolin Rescuers DVD Review

The film introduces us to all the key players in the film with a (mostly) one on one face off against a primarily red background with a little architectural backdrop. The film itself opens showing the character Jin doing a combination of training and making tofu. He receives a customer in the form of Yang Dabao who has come to buy tofu for the restaurant in which he works and the two trade martial arts moves while carrying the tofu. Jin’s boss arrives just as they have finished up and accuses Jin (justifiably) of slacking though with Yang’s help the boss is taken off Jin’s back. Though  Yang has his own problems as he gets back to the restaurant as his boss yells at him for taking too long which Yang manages to offset despite not having someone to help him. Jin later visits Yang at the restaurant and the two engage in a spectacular display of martial arts as they try to one up each other. Yang shows off his skills he learned fighting for food with his father as he is adept at using anything handy as a weapon. Jin then reveals he learned his martial arts when he was saved from a beating by a martial arts master whose named he never learned in the two years he studied for him before the master just vanished.  Both men share a hope that their skills will give them a chance to do something great in the future rather than just proceeding with their day to day drudgery.

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