Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #12 Anime Review

Scanty and Kneesocks are having a report-back session to their boss, Mayor of Daten City, Corset - and there are quite a few failures on their list. It turns out that pretty much every Ghost that Panty and Stocking have had to fight has been down to the demonic duo's hard work, whether they were seen at the scene or not - and yet still they live. Worse than that, it seems that they've earned enough Coins to ascend back to heaven. Or at least, Stocking has. For Panty, her bad attitude earns her a demotion back to square one and orders to start again with a new partner: Brief, who unbeknownst to Panty is rather more important than he's seemed so far...

I hate recap. Hate it with a fiery vengeance, even when it's padded out with original scenes, as it is here - that said, it's the first time we get a real look at Corset, Mayor of Daten City and Devious Bastard, so on that point I can overlook it. Towards the end of the segment we also get the first hint at what Corset is really after: the Blood Kin of Hellsmonkey, who has in his possession a Key that Corset would dearly like to get his hands on. And for that, we move on to segment two...

Where the whole dynamic of the show is changed by the sudden departure of Stocking, whose dedication to duty and ability to keep her knickers on leads to her returning to heaven without her sister. For Panty, working with Brief just isn't the same, and Garterbelt's determination that she sticks to the No Sex clause in her new contract lead to all sorts of issues.

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