Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #37 Anime Review

The fight between Lag and Noir continues, while Zazie arrives back on the scene after sending Wasiolka back to the Hive to report. To add to the chaos, a ton of swarming type Gaichuu have also descended on their location, drawn by the same Heart that had drawn the Cabernet there. Lag and Zazie do their best to fight the Gaichuu, but their huge numbers and the lack of any dingos to back the Bees up makes for a tough battle - until some unexpected help arrives on the scene...

On the surface, there's not a hell of a lot that happens in this episode - it's a continuation of the battle that began last episode, and while it reaches a conclusion of sorts, there's a lot that's left up in the air at the end of it. But there are a few points that do stand out: the return of one dingo, the loss of another, and the eventual firing of 'that bullet' that Lag's been holding on to for quite some time now.

The returning dingo is, unsurprisingly, Niche, back from recovering in the tender care of her sister and having seemingly taken a few levels in badass while she was gone - although she's still not quite herself. The way this was handled was probably the low point of the episode for me, as it's so out-of-the-blue - yes, a brief scene in the previous episode acted as minimal setup for it, but here we have Lag wishing 'Gee, I wish Niche was here'' while he's in battle, and the very next cut, lo, she's here and in fighting form. It's just too damn convenient, too obviously done just to help the battle along - and while part of it's done in quite a humorous way (involving her lack of underwear and precisely how she lands on Lag), I was too busy rolling my eyes to really appreciate the effort.

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