Xam'd Collection 2 Anime DVD Review

The events of this disc pick up with the fallout from the revelations from the previous set. The relationship between Akiyuki, Haru and Furuichi is both explored a bit and laid out. Also appearing are the sorrow that comes from emotions that exist and those that will never be returned that brings a raw emotion to the front. The intervention of the military will cause the friends to part (as well as Akiyuki and Nakiami) and some will never meet again. Events then lead to Akiyuki finding himself in a position where he has lost his memories and is found by slave traders. He will then encounter a new creature as well as an elder woman who try to help him regain himself. As this is happening Haru is finding that her sister Midori has chosen to work with the military in a horrific experiment that will change her life. Haru is placed in a position where she has to decide if she is going to try to chase Akiyuki or try to stay and figure out how to deal with Midori as well as what her commander is expecting from her. At the same time Nakiami is on a journey to reconcile her own past and encounters another young boy (Yango) with the power to become Xamd. Also the members of the postal ship will become active in the roles they will play as will Akiyuki’s and Haru’s fathers as they try to help their children and the world they will inherit.

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