The World God Only Knows Episode #12 Anime Review

After eleven episodes that focused on Keima helping other people, though in a way that left him time to do things of his own and to handle it in an offhanded manner, Keima is now starting to suffer. And that suffering comes in the form of a growing backlog of games that are piling up at his house that he needs to deal with. He makes it out to be such an important thing that he has to do by saying quite plainly that gaming is his life, his blood and what gives him energy. Seeing him go over the top in his room with a gamers den to envy is simply perfect. Especially as there's a nod given out to my beloved Dreamcast with the 'Cream Cast'.

Watching Keima in his God of Conquest mode is a whole lot of fun as there's six consoles, six games and all the controllers laid out in front of him. In its own way, it is positively magical as he talks about how he went from playing one to two and then two to four before achieving this. His visualizing of going through the routes of the sim games and the like is nicely animated and points to some of the logic behind how the games are laid out. It's even more amusing that the end goal of having the characters kiss, something he doesn't like doing himself, is something that he's so excited and pleased to accomplish in the game. Of course, I can't help but to feel that playing that many games at once misses the point of really enjoying the individual games, but there are so many people that just run through things for the sense of accomplishment rather than the enjoyment that it doesn't surprise me.

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