Persona -Trinity Soul- Box Set 2 Premium Edition Anime DVD Review

The first half of Persona ~Trinity Soul~ won me over pretty well with its visual design and the slow but steady nature of the story where new elements were introduced in a natural way. As it progressed, it started to show more of the depth of the mystery to the Persona's and the three brothers connection to them. What the show didn't have a problem doing was showing us just how creepy it could get. As we learned about the youngest Kanzato brother in how he had taken on part of his sister, at the consent of the eldest no less as their parents were out of the picture. Jun has an interesting aura about him and having this creepy explanation only added to the way he comes across. One of the things that helped to cement the first half of the series was that the eldest brother, Ryo, gave it some grounding as he did his best to both try and get his brothers out of the city and to make sure they were alright. Though the series was more about the middle brother, Shin, Ryo allowed it to move in different ways so that it could deal with adult situations that cropped up in his position as a police chief. It was Shin though that really expanded the cast as he made friends at school with others who also have Persona's in them that they slowly started to learn how to unleash. Discovering this in the middle of an Apathy Syndrome outbreak didn't help much though since they all questioned everything and started to feel like they were being manipulated.

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