Rocket Girls Novel Review

Yukari Morita is a high school girl who thanks to her mother’s job has never wanted for money but has always had questions about her father. Her father walked out on her mother on their wedding night and vanished and Yukari has always wanted her father to return to her mother though her mother is indifferent to the idea and oddly detached. Having heard that there was a group of Japanese people in the Solomon Islands Yukari (with her mother’s blessing and financial support) she heads there to see if her father is among them. Yukari arrives at the perfect time for the Solomon Space Agency as they are now facing a huge crunch for time to get a rocket airborne and their only current astronaut is both fed up with the program and decides to go AWOL when the program decides to switch rocket types and needs to conserve weight-which will be a serious problem for him. Luckily the program discovers Yukari during his escape and realizes that the lithe 16 year old Japanese girl is the solution to their weight issues. The director decides to use Yukari’s desire to find her father as a carrot to get her to start training for the program in return for their resources in finding him.

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