Black Blood Brothers Complete Series Anime Blu-ray Review

Based on the series of light novels by y Khei Azano and Yuuya Kusaka, Black Blood Brothers is a twelve episode series that runs with the classic idea of combining the supernatural with action and comedy. In a way it feels like an "anime by the numbers" concept but it does it all well enough that you can enjoy it and wonder if there will be some real depth to it or not. Of course, you have to contend with the idea that this is only twelve episodes that's based on novels that have had up to eleven releases as of this writing, so it's certainly incomplete and quite open. This may be the kind of series where you hope and pray that the novels will get licensed afterwards. Black Blood Brothers takes place ten years after the Kowloon Children incident in which humanity learned about the reality of vampires. And not just any kind of vampire but a specific bloodline that's highly infectious and intent only on feeding. The rest of the vampire bloodlines are much more restrained and tend to play by the conventional rules of living in secret, living long and living happily. The Kowloon Children incident caused a lot of bad blood to flow and humanity has a great distrust of the vampire families because of it. The result of that war has left the general population believing that there aren't any more vampires though. What's been slowly happening is that Special Zones are set up where the vampires can live in peace with each other without fear of being hunted by man.

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