Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Part 2 Anime DVD Review

The first Dragon Ball Kai collection really peaked my interest as I really was not interested in investing the time to watch the full blown series. The vastness of episodes seemed overwhelming. With this new incarnation, I felt like I could take the plunge. For me, the series’ attempt to retell the story in a shorter, more action packed fashion, in line closer with the manga seemed to be the ticket. I enjoyed the first collection, however some purists did not. My perspective for this review is based on someone who has not seen the original.The pace for the previous collection and for this one seems to be a bit choppy but not so much that you can’t enjoy it. Keeping up with what is taking place is not too difficult and the action never seizes to stop, which is a good thing. The thirteen episodes that accompany this collection follow the same kind of pacing and format that was set forth by the previous collection. The showcase fight between Goku and Vegeta is action packed and brutal. Taking up a few episodes, I can only imagine how drawn out this fight is in the original. In this fight, we see Vegeta use his powers to transform himself into a giant beast, which pretty much spells the end for Goku. This doesn’t go as planned as Gohan helps turn the tide with some unpredictable actions that literally causes Vegeta to flee with his tail between his legs.

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