Princess Jellyfish Episode #10 Anime Review

With the new focus on creating a jellyfish design dress after the success of the little rain warding toys in the previous episode, Princess Jellyfish has an admittedly odd feel to it now. While the show has been rather grounded in reality for the most part, having Kuranosuke focusing on going this route as a way to save the building feels like it's going too far out there, especially considering his background and family relationship where things of business must have been a fairly common topic. Some amount of reality has to have set in for him and to see him acting like this, going to such a strange tangent in order to save the building, doesn't become him.

The majority of this episode is given over to the creation of the dress, with some direction given by Chieko the master seamstress at first and then on with Tsukimi and Kuranosuke working it themselves. There's a lot of strong intent and love displayed here by both of them as they work on the project, but they're just not anywhere near rightly skilled enough to carry it off. There's some frantic energy to be had with parts of it as they work hard, but the majority of it is fairly mellow as the two converse about things without all that much meaning to it all. It's decent enough and certainly a relaxing period overall, but it doesn't show them making all that much progress.

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