Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #13 Anime Review

Ah, how I miss the New York arc. Seeing Mari there before the opening animation reminded me of how much I miss that segment.

But, no, we are stuck back in Marie's Garden, and the idiotic competition between The Heiress Miya Koshiro and Team Ichigo. Though things seem to have slowly improved for the dream-colored brigade, as they are starting to become much more busy. They are getting some help, even from Mari whom I mentioned before, who has sent along her recipe for her Forêt Linda, the special dessert she made in New York for her friend. With everyone pitching in, Team Ichigo continues to improve their sales, to the point that their little shop is beginning to sell as much as Koshiro's. The final battle is going to come down to sales of Christmas cakes, that yuletide requirement in Japan that is somewhat akin to Christmas fruitcakes in America. While Team Ichigo discusses how they can best maximize their sales of the cakes, Miya, of course, has already plotted her cheating path to victory: she has already ordered all of the employees of her father's company to order a cake from her, resulting in 1500 sales right from the start. Johnny seems a little upset about not earning those orders, but Miya tells him not to be a child.

The final competition starts on Christmas Eve, the last day of the contest. Things being what they are, it is time to bring in the big guns, and for the underdogs, a very big one comes through for them, as Mari Tennouji appears. The weather also helps Ichigo, as it begins to snow, which makes some of the Châteux Seika employees decide to go home. The sales numbers for the final day are coming.

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