Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #13 Anime Review

As we start out, Axel Almer and Kyousuke Nanbu are going at it full force, with Axel having an advantage over Nanbu, since he retains his memories from "the other side," while Nanbu does not seem to be consciously aware of his past. The fight does not go to a finish, however, since Axel is recalled. Back at the base of the Shadow Mirror, Lemon has recovered Lamia, and better yet, she has repaired the faulty android's speech software. Lamia wonders why she was saved. Lemon reveals that she is intrigued by Lamia's decision to try to blow up the entire Shadow Mirror group, something that an android, who is supposed to work as programmed, should not be able to decide for herself. Lemon wants to know the answer, enough to the point that she tells Lamia she is free to decide for herself what her next course of action is to be. The reason why she disobeyed orders? Lamia says flatly that they have no place in this world, the one they have come to. As for her wishes, Lamia immediately announces that she wants to leave.

In the meantime, Gilliam Yeager and R├Ątsel Feinschmeker discuss matters. Neither is pleased with the military coup led by Grassman. Gilliam also reveals that he knows a lot more about the Shadow Mirror than we might suspect, and in fact feels somehow responsible for their appearance.

Back at the Shadow Mirror base, Lemon allows Lamia to leave in a new unit (after all, the Angelg was destroyed), but Axel does not want to let her leave. Instead, he challenges her to single combat. The fight is just about to start when two unknown units make their appearance. While Whiskey units are sent to intercept them, one of the mysterious units easily knocks them aside. In that unit is Gilliam, who opens a channel to Vindel Mauser, the head of the Shadow Mirror. Gilliam's voice, however, is familiar, too familiar, to Mauser. Once they open a visual channel, it is clear. Gilliam himself appears to be from the alternate world, where he was called Helios Olympus. Mauser tries to get Gilliam to switch sides, but he refuses, noting that the jumping technology of the Shadow Mirror cannot be allowed to exist in this world, along with the Shadow Mirror themselves.

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